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up+repeating attack = infini-jump.

Haha yeah, I'm working on the map tools right now, so most of the base gameplay mechanics really need some ironing out. :) I'm going to get to that once the tools are complete!

I downloaded your game, but there is only a single screen with no obstacles or gameplay. Is this just a tech demo of your character animations, or is there a way to get past the first screen?

Yeah, since the game is Multiplayer only right now, it's not surprising that there isn't any enemies. :P I'm hoping to draw more interest to the game to make Multiplayer actually feasible, but for until the next update (which may be in 2 months now), single player will not be available.

The next update will include A LOT more content, including a small single player overworld, and tools to make your own worlds with. You can also play on others, and experience player made quests and challenges, and also play online on custom maps!